The Lady Marilyn is a wire harp manufactured by American harp maker Argent Fox.

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Product Design & Accessories Edit

According to Argent Fox's website:

  • 2 x 29 Phosphor Bronze Wire Strings
  • Range: F2 (1-1/2 octaves below middle C) to C6
  • Height:  35"
  • Weight: 9 - 12 pounds
  • Truitt Levers available $23 each
  • Full Truitt Levers Installed $1276
  • Professional Soft Case Available $150
  • Removable Leg Set Included
  • Shipping is approximately $85 - $125
  • Optional: Solid Spruce Soundboard $250
  • Optional: Exotic Woods Extra

String Chart Edit

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String chart for the Harpsicle by Rees Harps Inc.

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This harp is owned by Rochelle Lisa

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