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Harpists for Peace

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Description: Harpists for Peace is an international group of harpists who play for the dream of world peace. Harpists For Peace was founded in 2007 by harpist and human rights activist Alexis Aria.  The group has received commendations from all over the world.

In July 2009, the first ever Peace Hour was held globally.  Harp players all over the world played their instruments for one hour, inviting one hour of reflection on Peace and the dream of Peace.

Jazz Harp Foundation

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Mission: The mission of the International Jazz Harp Foundation (iJHF) is to strengthen the position of the harp in jazz. ‘Jazz’, in this context, is used as an all embracing term for jazz, pop, rock, singer-songwriting and other for the harp non-traditional styles and settings.

International Association of Harpists and Friends of the Harp


Description: Founded in France in 1962 by Pierre Jamet, the International Association of Harpists and Friends of the Harp is known today throughout the world wherever the harp is a dynamic presence. The goal of this Association is to provide a genuine tool of communication and information sharing, while nurturing the spirit of creativity and research so omnipresent in the history of the harp. Many of our articles have become reference documents. Our volunteers have joined together in order to facilitate exchanges between the greatest number of harpists: amateurs (from the increasing number of young pupils, to the impassioned retired community), professionals (teachers, orchestral musicians, international soloists) and friends of the harp (composers, makers of old, celtic, modern harps, conservatory and multi-media libraries, musical research centers).

International Harp Archives

Description: The International Harp Archives began as a significant collection of harp music and archival materials donated by Samuel and Rosalie Pratt. The collection grew and the International Harp Archives were formally established at Brigham Young University in 1994. This collection includes the archives of the World Harp Congress, the American Harp Society and personal collections from many individual harpists. The archive consists of items ranging from scores, manuscripts and recordings to photographs, correspondence, programs and other documents.

International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen

Description: The ISFHC (International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsman) was started in 1985 by a group of folks wanting to share their music, ideas and skills to further the musical capabilities of the folk harp. Almost uniquely, the folk harp community combines the world of the professional and novice player with that of the instrument maker.

World Harp Congress


Description: The World Harp Congress, Inc. promotes the performing arts with special emphasis on harp composition, education, appreciation and performance.

WHC is a private non-profit organization, was founded in 1981 as an outgrowth of the International Harp Weeks held in The Netherlands for twenty years under the leadership of Phia Berghout and Maria Korchinska. The World Harp Congress has members representing over 50 countries, and holds a harp congress with exhibits every three years.

Cost: Ranges from $25 (Student) -$1000 (Lifetime)


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Nippon Harp Association

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Description: 日本ハープ協会は、ハープという楽器を多くの方々に理解していただき音楽を広める活動を主目的としています。 プロフェッショナルハーピスト及びハープ愛好家が全国各地に集い交流が図られています。ハープを愛する方であれば年齢を問わずどなたでも会員になることができます。 現在日本ハープ協会は「国際ハープフェスティバル」、「日本ハープコンクール」、「ハープ新人デビューコンサート」の開催をはじめ、内外の著名なハーピストの招聘や演奏会、会員の演奏活動等ハープを通しての親睦、ハープ音楽の普及拡大コンサートの開催など国際交流とハープに関わる事業を行い発展、普及に努めています。


Harp Society of Tasmania

Description: The Harp Society of Tasmania was formed in 2003. Currently it has about 80 members of all ages and skills from around Tasmania and beyond. Players, harp makers and non-players are welcome to join the harp society. Members come together at supportive and casual social gatherings, workshops and concerts through their mutual love of the harp, whether it be cardboard, lever or pedal.

New Zealand - New Zealand Harp Society

Mission: The Harp Society of New Zealand has been running since the mid 1980s, with the first journal being published in 1987. To date we publish three journals a year (full of profiles, information and events), have an informative website, and a harp discussion forum.


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North America[]

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South America[]

El Museo del Arpa de Argentina (Argentina)

Description: This site is dedicated the pedal and double-action harps, including concerts, events, Casmientos, rental tools and / or classes.

La Fundación Salvi Colombia

Description: La misión de la Fundación Salvi es promover la popularización de la música académica y fomentar su difusión en un sector más amplio de la sociedad colombiana a partir de la organización y el apoyo a programas musicales de carácter artístico, artesanal y formativo; con miras a propiciar el desarrollo cultural, social y económico del país.