Harp Wiki

From regulation to repair, sometimes harpists need to hire an expert to care for their investments if the harp maker is no longer able to, or is too far away. Here's a list of people and businesses that are able to provide these services:

Business Name Service Phone City State/Province Country
Alejandro Vélez Repairs wood injuries in some harps 52-55 56 10 45 57 México D.F. Mexico
Jorge Vázquez 52-228-8 16 33 13 Xalapa Mexico
Liza Jensen Harp Technician NYC New York USA
Moss Harp Service Regulations, Re-Stringing, Repairs (multi) USA
T. Edward Galchick Salem Ohio USA

For a list of more possible repair options, check out the list of harp makers. Even though the luthier may not have made your harp, their skill in woodwork and assembly make them good candidates for repairs. Ask a harp maker near you if they are willing or able to help you.