Harp Player, Early Cycladic period (Bronze age)

Harp Player, Early Cycladic period (Bronze age)

Quick Facts Edit

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Image by Eric Gaba – Wikimedia Commons user: Sting [Source]

Here are some quick facts about the Cycladic Harp Player:
  • This marble figure is one of the earliest known representations of musicians from the Early Cycladic period.
  • The figure is playing a harp, and holding the instrument against his right shoulder.
  • Cycladic civilization is an Early Bronze Age culture of the Cyclades, Greece, in the Aegean Sea, spanning the period from approximately 3200–2000 BC.
  • The top of the harp features an ornament carved in the shape of the head of a waterfowl.
  • Other items from this time period include pieces of pottery (bowls, boxes, and vases) female figurines, and tools.