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The harp community is thriving with other harpists and organizations that are eager to disseminate knowledge, show off their accomplishments, and reveal breaking news. Here is a list of other blogs to follow. Don't see your blog on here? Add it now!

Harpists usually tend to blog about their latest gigs, upcoming CD releases, thoughts about the music industry, tips on technique and practicing, and every once in a while, the wedding industry.

Multi-Lingual Bloggers Edit

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Spanish Bloggers Edit

  • Arperia | Arperia es un blog de información general sobre el mundo del arpa (en cualquiera de sus versiones: clásica, celta, sudamericana…), prestando atención especialmente al ambiente arpístico peninsular, pero sin dejar de lado noticias del resto del mundo.
  • Nelson Becerra y su Ensamble
  • Whiteveil Harp

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Company & Organization Blogs Edit

Companies & organizations involved in harp circles tend to blog about upcoming sales, breaking news on new products, or upcoming harp events.

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